Corey's Election 2012 Predictions

Tomorrow is election day
here is who's running, who's going to win, and who should have never run...
*disclaimer* I'm a republican who is generally pissed at the republican party this year for nominating idiots

President of the United States of America

Who's running:
President Barack Obama (Democrat)
Former Governor Mitt Romney (Republican)

Who's going to win:
Obama - 276
Romney - 262

here's my electoral college prediction map

Missouri United States Senate:

Who's running:
Claire McCaskill (Democrat/Incumbent)
Todd Akin (Legitimate Idiot//Extreme Far Right Republican)

Who's going to win:
Claire McCaskill by 4

Missouri Governor:

Who's running:
Jay Nixon (Democrat-ish/Incumbent)
Dave Spence (Home Economics Republican)

Who's going to win:
Jay Nixon by 12

Missouri Lt Governor:

Who's running:
Peter Kinder (Stripper Lover/Republican/Incumbent)
Susan Montee (Margarita Lover/Democrat)

Who's going to win:
Peter-the-tweeter-Kinder by 5

Missouri Secretary of State:

Who's running:
Shane Shoeller (Republican)
Jason Kander (Democrat)

Who's going to win:
Shane Shoeller by 8

Missouri Attorney General:

Who's running:
Chris Koster (Former Republican/Now Democrat/Incumbent)
Ed Martin (Republican)

Who's going to win:
Chris Koster by 6

Missouri Treasurer:

Who's running:
Clint Zweifel (Democrat/Incumbent)
Cole McNary (Republican)

Who's going to win:
Clint Zweifel by 5

Missouri Constitutional Amendment #3:

What is it?
This will change the way Missouri Supreme Court Justices are nominated, if approved.
Instead of the nonpartisan (Missouri Plan) way we nominate justices now, a vote for this amendment will give increasing control to the governor. 

Will it pass?
Probably, but it shouldn't. 

Missouri Proposition A (Local Control):

What is it? 
This would give the City of St Louis control over it's own police force

Will it pass? 
Most likely, although this should never even be on the ballot had the legislature gotten their act together and passed it during session. 

Missouri Proposition B (Cigarette Tax):

What is it?
an increase to Missouri's lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax

Will it pass?
Probably not, Missourians love their cigarettes and generally hate taxes.

Should it pass?

Missouri Proposition E (Obamacare):

What is it?
A way for Missourians to vote to stick it to Obama and declare they don't want Obamacare

Will it pass?
Of Course

Does it really matter?
Probably not. 


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