Christmas in El Paso, TX!

I'm bringing back the ol' blog! (for you, Aunt Lezlie!)

For Christmas this year we decided to all trek down to El Paso, TX and hang out with the family.
It was my sister's idea since Hannah (my niece) was about to turn 1.
She wanted to have all of the family together for Christmas.
And for the most part, we were. (Miss you Vermont family!)
It was a blast to be back in El Paso with all of the family.

So enjoy the photos of my trip to El Paso

It's a long drive to El Paso.
We actually made it in 17 and 1/2 hours. We drove all night.
and by "we" I mean Kelsey and I

I had to drive through the snowy part of the trip
But it was worth it when we arrived
and there was plenty of snow at Tia's house

When in Texas, you must eat at Whataburger!
There's a long list of places we have to eat at in El Paso
But this is on my list. 

This is Cameron (and Uncle Frank's dog)
he's the best
And this is my cousin Cameron
He's a police office
And he let me ride around with him on Christmas night
We pulled over Jesus for speeding and gave him a ticket
I'm sure we are going to hell now
but it was fun nonetheless

Marbles, our throwback family game

Learned a new game, Consecutive Rummy
We could never remember the phases
So I took a photo to help me remember

Any time Hannah ate, Bentley was right there
I think he enjoyed having Hannah around
He ate all the scraps Hannah dropped/threw

 We all had fun with the new iPhone App "Action Movie FX"
and by "we" I mean the kids, my mother didn't seem too happy with 
all of us blowing up our cousins, or her

My grandmother took us downtown to the Plaza to see the alligator statues
There used to be live alligators there
Thank goodness they aren't there now!

My cousin Madison is the bestest driver!

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Linda's surprise wedding!
We all show up for dinner at their house and
then BAM, wedding time!

Just one of the 3 billion family photos we took that evening

Celebrating Hannah's 1st birthday!
You should see the cupcake pictures, Hannah loved it.

Bought myself a Christmas present!
It's good to have Uncles in the car business

A West Texas sunset on the long
drive back to Missouri