Dumbledore's Disappointment

as seen here

The Damascus Gate - Jerusalem's Old City

CONTRASTING COLORS: A Palestinian woman walked past a fruit cart near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City Wednesday. (Baz Ratner/Reuters)

The above photo was featured in today's photo journal from the Wall Street Journal
having been to this location I can provide some background
while this woman seems to be shopping quietly in front of the Damascus Gate, had she been an American or other nationality outside the Middle East, she would have been harassed by all the "shop" owners
This place is absolutely nuts
all sorts of people peddling their crap
and I do mean absolute crap
it was pure craziness to walk past
and I never saw any fruit being sold
mostly it was just lots and lots of shoes, and not even matching pairs
oh, and lots of underwear
see this photo I took in 2008 as an example