Space Shuttle, A Different View

Colorado 2010

the rest of my family had been planning on going to colorado for some time now
Lindsay was out there for a work conference
and Kelsey stopped in Denver on his way back from Las Vegas
with my job, I never expected to get to go
but at the last minute I was able to fly out and join the rest of the family for a few short days of vacation and sightseeing

here are a few pictures...

Flying to Colorado

Landed in Denver
Mom and I had an adventure going downtown to pick up Lindsay and Kelsey

Driving across the Rocky Mountains

We Ran into a lot of road work

Driving through one of the tunnels

entering the Rocky Mountain National Park

people skiing on a snowy patch in RMNP

Looking out the window in RMNP

This is as far as Kelsey would go
we we're at about 12,000 feet above sea level

I ventured out further

and other's went even further

Then we got stuck in traffic cause they were working on the roads
so we had our picnic inside the car
and we waited for well over an hour before we could start our trek down the mountain

cheese and crackers
on my lap

panorama made on my iphone

panorama numero dos

Lindsay taking pictures of the snow

back down in the valley where the elk were resting

Close up of the elk

Then it was off to Anderson Camps to see where Mom and Casey are working for the summer

A view from camp
This is "Sleeping Indian"
named because the rock formation looks like an indian sleeping

a view of the camp and the horse fields

This is Bob, my horse
he took me up the mountains
and man was I sore when I got off

Riding up the mountain

Casey, working in the kitchen
as the Camp Dishwasher

another of his duties is to sell stuff at the Camp Store
Jamison is his co-worker

Hanging out in Mom's cabin

up the road from Anderson Camps is a bison farm

and further up the road is Sweetwater Lake Resort

Where they make the worlds best pie
we had to call ahead and reserve an apple pie because they go so fast

and while you eat your pie you can watch the hundreds of humming birds

and my short vacation ended with snow as we drove back to the Denver airport

rebel cookie monster

this cracked me up