Vegas/Grand Canyon/Salt Lake City 2009

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to fly to Vegas to hang out with my cousin and uncle
unfortunately, my cousin got sick and couldn't go
but I still had a blast

My favorite part of the trip was my day trip to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam
the best part about the Grand Canyon was the Sky Walk
see more here

It was great
and kinda scary
an old Chinese man kept hoping up and down on one foot shaking the whole thing while I was out there.
when you look down it's a straight 4,000 foot drop down

Here are a few more pictures...

I flew Delta (Northwest) and they let me board the plane with an electronic boarding pass on my iPhone. that's about the only cool thing they did. they also charged me $15 to bring a bag. Should have gone with Southwest cause "Bags Fly Free." Won't be making that mistake again.

Flying over the Rockies. I believe this is Telluride, CO

Stumbled across a movie being filmed in Ceasar's Palace. I wondered around in front of the camera's while they were shooting. they had signs posted that said by being in this area you were giving permission to be filmed. so I took them up on the offer. maybe you will see me in a movie someday.

used the Panorama app on my iPhone to take some panoramic photos

Taking some pictures at the Grand Canyon

I made it to the top of the hill and this is what I saw

Climbing to the top of that hill

The new bridge they are building at the Hoover Dam, called the Bypass Bridge. looks like it's going to be pretty cool

Hoover Dam at nightfall

Looking 4000 feet down

Scary stuff, but really fun

Cameras were not allowed out on the skywalk, but I cheated and took my iPhone. this is the only picture I could take without being caught.

Another Panorama of the grand canyon. this one is made up of about 9 photos. almost a full circle

After leaving Vegas I had a short three hour layover in Salt Lake City...

Where I got to hang out with Mr. and Mrs. Sprague!
we hiked up the side of a mountain and took a group picture

The Sprague's took me back to the airport where I was met with a mini-snow storm.
this delayed my flight almost two hours
I finally arrived in Memphis around 11PM and then drove the three hours back to PB
and I woke up the next morning with Strep Throat

six states in four days
Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Utah
it was a long four days
besides the whole getting sick part it was a fantastic trip


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