This past weekend was Patrick and Leah's wedding
The wedding was in Ashland, Ohio
which meant one thing....Roadtrip!
we all had a blast
lots of fun and little sleep
below are some of my favorite photos from the wedding
there are more here
and there are some video's here

Me and the groom, hanging out the night before the wedding

Kelsey and I enjoying some dinner, with Sheldon making faces in the background

Spoonfest 2009

The whole gang, ready for the wedding festivities

waiting for the reception to begin

someone was curious

thoroughly enjoying the reception

#thepbcrew all together at the wedding reception

all the guys with the stunning bride

the best man, Jizzle, dancing the night away

Patrick dancing with his mom, love the faces he made during the dance

some of #thepbcrew dancing to the Macarena

Leah and Patrick dance their first dance


more dancing

the happy couple!

Sheldon was tired after a long night of dancing


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