Darwin screwed up

Elephants painted in black and white were paraded at the Ayutthaya elephant camp, north of Bangkok, Friday to commemorate the birth of a panda cub at the Chiang Mai Zoo.
The May 27 birth occurred after years of artificial insemination and efforts to get its celibate parents to mate, triggering a national craze for the animals.

iPhone 3G S = Heaven

I now have the iPhone 3G S
I traveled to St Louis today and ended up buying it, a day before I was due for an AT&T upgrade
I used to have the original iPhone
but I sort of drowned that one in water
that was almost exactly one year ago
the past year has just not been the same
but all is now good, for I have the iPhone back
and its super fast

Photo of the Day 6/20/09

Fans of Argentina’s Estudiantes de la Plata cheered during a Copa Libertadores soccer match against Uruguay’s Defensor Sporting in La Plata, Argentina, Thursday. Estudiantes won 1-0 and qualified for the semifinals. (Natacha Pisarenko/Associated Press)

Photo of the Day 6/17/09

Storm clouds over Memorial Union on the campus of the University of Missouri

from a retweet by Nate Kennedy
@nateckennedy RT @madisonmack: Storm clouds of Memorial Tower. http://yfrog.com/5834fj

Obama Kills

He's a Harvard educated lawyer, leader of the free world and has the reflexes of a highly trained ninja. America's enemies, beware.

By the way, where is PETA during this whole animal killing fiasco?
Had Bush done this they would be all over him like, well, flies on horseshit.
just saying...

Cake Disaster

this is just funny
what a disaster

Photo of the Day 6/16/09

Racegoers arrived for the first day of racing at the Royal Ascot meeting in the United Kingdom on Monday.(Stefan Wermuth/Reuters)

Happy Flag Day!

Today, June 14th, is National Flag Day in America.

Here is an article about 10 interesting Flag Facts; everyone should read them

Robert G Heft, the designer of the current 50 star flag, has a great story in the above linked article

Update: 6 more good flag stories here

Apple's Amazing App Wall

Apple's annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) started yesterday
among other things they announced the iPhone 3GS
which was cool, but the name sucks
I like to call it the iPhone 3GSuckassname
the "S" is supposed to stand for "Speed"
and its faster and cooler and i'm still going to get one
I just wish they had named it something different, like iPhone Video
since it now has video capabilities

Besides the big Keynote announcement yesterday, Apple put together this neat little App Wall
It's a bunch of Cinema Displays linked together to show all the Apps available in the App Store
Everytime someone purchases an App the wall pulsates to represent the purchase
while not exactly accurate of purchases, it's still freaking amazing
here are some pictures

more amazing photos here

and here is a video

Saved by the Bell Reunion?!?!

Zack Morris popped up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night
it was actually Mark-Paul Gosselaar who played Zack back in the day when Saved By The Bell was on, but he was in character the entire time.
and it was greatness.
I am NOT a fan of Jimmy Fallon (Craig Ferguson is so much better)
I watched during its premier week and it was just plain awful
Jimmy is just not funny
but I do like that he's trying to get a reunion show going with the Saved By The Bell cast

check out some video of the Zack Morris appearance below

Rainy Days

photo ©2009 faisal almalki

It's a pretty dreary, rainy, overcast day in Poplar Bluff
so I think this photo is appropriate
plus, the colors remind me of Mizzou and the times I had to walk across campus in the rain

A Hanging Nun

A performer wearing a nun’s habit hung out — literally — at London’s Palladium Theatre Tuesday ahead of the opening of the musical “Sister Act.” (Joel Ryan/Associated Press)

Space Shuttle Atlantis Gets A Piggy Back Ride

A specially modified 747 jet took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California Monday with Space Shuttle Atlantis on top. The shuttle is getting a lift home to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center after being diverted to Edwards due to poor weather conditions. (Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

Space Shuttle Atlantis did not make it back to Florida after taking off from Edwards Air Force Base in California, instead, it spent the night in El Paso at the Fort Bliss Biggs Army Airfield.
When the double decker plane took off this morning it made a short detour to White Sands, New Mexico for a flyover and then headed back to Florida.
read more about the El Paso stay here

Photo of the Day 6/1/09

The sun set over Manhattan Sunday. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)