Cape La Croix United Methodist Church

Last night some friends and I decided to mosey on over to Cape and go to church
the four of us went to check out the La Croix United Methodist Church
we went to see the facilities and check out how they do things
and it was quite an interesting evening

Perry was very impressed with the stadium like seating

Ron Watts is the senior pastor at La Croix
as is usual at church, he gave a sermon
the title of the sermon, "Im Dead...Now What"

as the sermon started we noticed we had pens and paper so we decided to write down some key phrases from the sermon

it seems like all churches now-a-days are giving outlines of the sermon with blank spaces to fill in the missing text of key phrases and words

so we decided to play along and write down various phrases that Pastor Ron uttered

Here is what we wrote down...

1. we know who banged it
2. this little acorn will be huge
3. i cant wait to sluff off this body
4. touch me and see
5. god loves physical stuff
6. i just scratched the surface tonight
7. what you do with your body matters...get to it
8. when it's all done, the trumpets will sound

it's possible that we wrote them down out of context

after the sermon Patrick lead us on a little self guided tour of the rest of the church
it is a monstrous church
with lots of rooms (themed rooms)

here are some pictures

(Hanging out under the giant "Reign" Forest tree)

(one of the youth group rooms, there were many)

(another youth group room, Taylor was king of this castle)

(the giant "Reign" Forest trees in the atrium)

(the daycare room)

(looking out the second story window to the "Reign" Forest below)

(chillin' in another youth group room)

(Taylor found a friend back stage)

All in all, it was a good night
and I was very impressed with the La Croix church
and dinner at Beef O'Bradys was fantastic


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