Canon Rebel XTi Commercial

i just saw a commercial on TV for the new Canon Rebel XTi digital camera
it's also the same commercial that ran for the Canon Rebel XSi a few months ago

Two things stood out to me
1. the way the pictures overlap to tell the story, its amazing
2. the music

turns out, the music was written solely for this commercial
the music was composed by Michael Montes
there is even a youtube video of just the music being played on the piano

Even cooler than watching that is the video of the overhead shot of a guy playing the song on keyboard
this way, if you are a piano player you can figure out how to play it yourself

Now, after seeing the commercial and hearing the piano music in this commercial
i got to thinking that ive heard something similar before'
to me, the canon commercial music reminds me of the closing scene in "Lady in the Water"
the M. Night Shyamalan film
its one of my favorite movies

take a look at the closing scene and see if the music is similar
i think so


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