Well, it has been a while since i posted anything. not because i don't have anything to write about.
more because i have been too lazy to type anything up.

so lets see what there is to say...

I went to taco bell with some friends (#tacobellwednesday as Taylor would put it)
and one of them decided to write a love letter to the waitress on a napkin
i filmed it on my blackberry and uploaded it to my youtube channel
not great quality, but really funny for those of us who were there

Taylor Video

Also uploaded a video of me eating a jalapeno pepper.
I was out to dinner with Curt Collins and he asked if any one liked hot food
i do
so he ordered some grilled jalapeno's
but he refused to eat one
i did
and it was hot
but i like hot
so it wasn't unpleasant
see the video here

Jalapeno Video

on Easter i went to Patrick's to hang out.
there was supposed to be a girl there
but she was not able to show because of a family death
which was sad
i was looking forward to it since she told Patrick she would be interested in dating, or hanging out, or whatever term you might use
hopefully we can do something soon, she's a fun girl
i managed to have a grand time regardless
Patrick made his infamous Hurricanes and we both drank a lot
a merry time was had by all, including the sober ones in the group

the next day Patrick told us he was moving to Salt Lake City at the end of June (which is also when he gets married)
it's sad that he will be leaving, but I'm sure it's where God wants him
i was kinda looking forward to hanging out with Patrick and Leah once they got married
guess i will just have to travel to Salt Lake City to do it
road trips are always fun though
and now i have an excuse to go skiing!


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