Swine Flu for my Computer

Sorry about the lack of posting recently
it seems as though my computer has contracted a virus
this is the first time since i have been using a computer that i have had a problem like this
i am still not even sure what i opened or clicked to have gotten this virus
nothing too serious happened, other than the occasional pop up windows
but getting rid of this thing has not been easy
let me just say, AVG Free anti virus software SUCKS!
as soon as i figured out i had a virus i scanned my computer with AVG
it said everything was hunky dory
so i had to download several other anti virus software to get rid of the virus
and its still not completely gone
so i have posted a help topic to the Bleeping Computer forum
seems like i am not the first person to have this type of virus
so im hopeful i can get rid of everything in the next day or two
if not, i will just have to reinstall windows and start over from scratch
good thing i ordered an external hard drive recently
as soon as it arrives i will back up all my files on my infected laptop and reinstalling wont be so bad
hope this never happens to you
its frustrating as hell


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