Strip Search Case to Supreme Court

i'm a big fan of the Supreme Court
I started taking a Constitutional Law class in college from Dr. Rick Hardy
and i loved every minute of his class
so i took all of the other Con Law classes he offered
it was by far one of my favorite experiences during my college career
i was lucky enough to have been at Mizzou when Dr. Hardy was
He left to go teach at his Alma Mater at the same time i graduated
he truly was the greatest Professor the Mizzou Poly Sci Department ever had

He and his classes made me appreciate the Supreme Court
which is why i still follow what happens
like the newest case they will hear
a strip search case at a school in Arizona

read the story here or here

now that you have read the story i will give my ruling
we used to do this in class all the time
we were divided into groups of nine and assigned fictional cases based loosely on real cases the Supreme Court heard.
then decided how to rule in the group
I was part of the "Roberts Court"
as in Chief Justice John Roberts, newly appointed when i was in this class
i played Justice Stephen Breyer
we even had a facebook group
but i digress.

so, without further adieu....

What Corey Brown would say if he wrote the majority opinion...

Good God, are you people retarded.
this case is getting thrown out
Once you enter a school you lose all rights
if a principal or teacher is suspicious that you are dealing drugs (even if it is ibuprofen) you should be subject to search
i don't really care what the kid thinks, he's a kid. call his parents, bring them up
they can watch the search
but the kid still gets searched
end of story
case dismissed, with prejudice
court adjourned.


Abby April 29, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me?
It is always, always, ALWAYS inappropriate to ask a child to remove their clothes without their parent's concent/presense. It should not take the supreme court to see that. For real.
And. I'm appalled by your comment about losing all rights when you enter school. I've never heard something so crazy. Americans' rights (are not temporary. They do not apply in only certain situations and locations. Rights are rights. Inailenable. Always.

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