a few of my favorite things

I twitter
and a few nights ago there were some really good tweets that i favorited
these are those favorites
i wanted to post them in case something ever happened and i lost them on twitter
they still make me laugh
what a great night

  1. Patrick SpraguepatrickspragueCan I just be real with you? I am weird sleepy right now. Slrreeeeeeep
  2. Paden LeeStick944@perrysalyer I totaly have to agree with you on that. Most fun I had this week.
  3. Perry Salyerperrysalyerwow. what a night. i don't believe i've laughed that hard in a long, long time.
  4. leahreepleahreep@cjb2m5 Ahahaha, you and your hurricanes.
  5. Paden LeeStick944Retract the last tweet. It's full on drunk now.
  6. Patrick Spraguepatricksprague@cjb2m5 you should hand him to capt Phillips pirates.
  7. Corey Browncjb2m5I think a dead parrot just walked out @taylorprice 's ass. To the plank he goes. Arrrrrgh
  8. Paden LeeStick944@cjb2m5 and @patricksprague are drunkish and it's really funny.
  9. Patrick Spraguepatricksprague@cjb2m5 is Feeling like katrina is all up in his face passshhh a
  10. Corey Browncjb2m5@kbrownbear not enough
  11. Kelsey Brownkbrownbear@cjb2m5 How many hurricanes have you had?
  12. Corey Browncjb2m5@kbrownbear pick ur poison. Mine be hurricanes at the moment
  13. Kelsey Brownkbrownbear@cjb2m5 Jealous of what exactly?
  14. Corey Browncjb2m5@kbrownbear yeah yeah. Ur jealous. Suck it
  15. Kelsey Brownkbrownbear@cjb2m5 That tweet creeps me out.
  16. Corey Browncjb2m5I love social networks like twitter facebook and tasty hurricanes. Mmmmmmm. Me likey a lot
  17. Perry SalyerperrysalyerGetting ready for some jim gaffagan. #thespraguemixer
  18. Corey Browncjb2m5Hurricane Patrick has rolled into town and it is mighty delicious #thespraguemixer


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