Supreme Court Seat Opens Up

Apparently Supreme Court Justice David Souter is going to retire at the end of the current session in June.
Good for him.
he's not that old so he can spend some time doing whatever it is he wants to do.
bad news is that President Obama gets to name his replacement
good news is that supreme court nominations always make for great tv
DC is going to go crazy this summer
let the speculation on the replacement begin...

Wired Magazine - The Mystery Issue

just read this magazine
and wow, it was amazing
so many good nuggets of information and stories in this issue
it makes me want to get a subscription
the only reason i bought it was because JJ Abrams was the guest editor
i posted the article he wrote earlier and thought it would be the only good part of the issue
and boy was i wrong
it is chocked full of little goodies
the whole magazine is sprinkled with mysteries
i highly recommend it
great read

iPhone helps you avoid the swine flu

the iPhone now allows you to track where the swine flu is
that means you can avoid the hotspots and not get it
the iPhone is a genius
i want one

i miss my old one :(

Swine Flu for my Computer

Sorry about the lack of posting recently
it seems as though my computer has contracted a virus
this is the first time since i have been using a computer that i have had a problem like this
i am still not even sure what i opened or clicked to have gotten this virus
nothing too serious happened, other than the occasional pop up windows
but getting rid of this thing has not been easy
let me just say, AVG Free anti virus software SUCKS!
as soon as i figured out i had a virus i scanned my computer with AVG
it said everything was hunky dory
so i had to download several other anti virus software to get rid of the virus
and its still not completely gone
so i have posted a help topic to the Bleeping Computer forum
seems like i am not the first person to have this type of virus
so im hopeful i can get rid of everything in the next day or two
if not, i will just have to reinstall windows and start over from scratch
good thing i ordered an external hard drive recently
as soon as it arrives i will back up all my files on my infected laptop and reinstalling wont be so bad
hope this never happens to you
its frustrating as hell

Arlen Specter Switches Sides

It's official....
the most un-republican United States Senator is switching to the Democratic Party
good riddance
not like he was a republican anyway
i just hope Chris Matthews jumps in the Democratic Primary and beats him
now to get rid of those two old bats from Maine who are also not Republicans

really cool photo of the capitol

click on it
it gets bigger
and you can zoom in and see some cool details

Clue 1985/Saved By The Bell Mystery Episode

One of my all time favorite movies
Neatorama has a great post about Clue Movie Trivia
i was reading through the trivia and was reminded of the Saved by the Bell episode resembling the Clue movie
it was titled "Mystery Weekend" and was the third season finale
it was one of my favorite Saved By The Bell episodes ever
someone posted it to youtube
watch part 1 below

Wall Street Journal Photo Blog

This was one of the pictures of the day in the wall street journal photo journal
its one of my favorite blogs to look at
lots of great pictures
see it here

Doodling on George W

pretty cool doodle
see many more here

Crayola Crayons

Some interesting facts about Crayola Crayon's....

The name Crayola was coined by Alice Binney, wife of company founder Edwin, and a former school teacher. She combined the words craie, which is French for chalk, and ola, for oleaginous, because crayons are made from petroleum based paraffin.

Crayola crayon colour names rarely change. However, there are exceptions. In 1958, Prussian blue was changed to midnight blue in response to teacher recommendations that children could no longer relate to Prussian history. In 1962, the colour flesh was changed to peach recognizing that not everyone's flesh is the same shade.

The average child in the United States will wear down 730 crayons by his 10th birthday (or 11.4 boxes of 64s). Kids, ages 2-8, spend an average of 28 minutes each day colouring. Combined, children in the US spend 6.3 billion hours colouring annually, almost 10,000 human lifetimes!

Most Crayola crayon color names are taken from the U.S. Commerce Department's National Bureau of Standards book called "Color: Universal Language and Dictionary of Names." Many crayon names are also borrowed from traditional artists' paints.

In the last 98 years, more than 100 billion Crayola crayons have been made.

The first box of Crayola crayons was sold in 1903 for a nickel and included the same colors available in the eight-count box today: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, black and brown.

facts and picture gathered from this blog

DOD Screws Up

The Department of Defense decided they were going to shoot a commercial featuring an Air Force One plane and some F16's
sounds good, no?
the figured the perfect place to shoot this commercial was in the skies over New York City.
ok, fair enough.
their one mistake?
they didn't tell anyone what they were doing.
the people of new york just saw a plane flying very low being escorted by F16's
naturally, people were scared.
read about the incident here, or here.

Next time, lets think things through a little better.

When Pigs Fly...

it's finally happened
Pigs have found a way to fly
in case you are living in a log somewhere, the swine flu is all the rage these days
one quick look at the Drudge Report shows you its all over the place
so what does all of this mean? is the world coming to an end?
i think not
but im not exactly an authority on this subject

You can now follow the swine flu on Google Maps

A Black and White Affair

Last night was the Black and White Party at the Margaret Harwell Art Museum
it was fun
it was a fundraiser for the new Sculpture Garden at the Museum
Corey Matthews was there taking pictures for people
he took the picture of the above couple
they were quite fun to watch and listen too

London, are you ready for some football?

The NFL is tossing around the idea of putting the Superbowl in London.
read the story here.
London is one of my favorite cities
and i enjoy watching the Superbowl every year
so it makes sense that they would combine the two
not sure how it will go over
but i would watch
now all we have to do is teach those Redcoats the difference between soccer and football

Volcano Smoke Rings

pretty dang cool

Fishing on the xbox

i dont have an xbox
but if i did, id buy whatever game works with this nifty little gadget

Dont want to go to your high school reunion? hire a stripper to take your place, this chick did

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
i suppose, whatever.
Earth Day is just a stupid holiday Al Gore made up
Earth Day just gives every liberal Hollywood type the chance to get on TV and spout off about how they are being environmentally friendly and how they are better than everyone else.
I'm all about conservation and recycling and such
but honestly, does earth need its own holiday.
me thinks not
why don't we celebrate our earth by recycling and conserving every day, instead of the one day a year Oprah gets on TV and tells us to.
and could Al Gore please stay out of the limelight
it would be much appreciated

Nap at work thanks to the iPhone

When i come across iPhone Apps like this i miss my iPhone the most
iNap@work allows you to nap while your iPhone makes the noises of you typing and shuffling papers etc.
read more about it here
then see how close Apple is to 1 Billion downloads on the App Store
download iNap@work and you could be the billionth download
and win a bunch of cool stuff

I cant wait till June/July for the new iPhone to come out
I am so getting it

J.J. Abrams is AMAZING

If you dont know who J.J. Abrams is you are missing out
simply put, he's a badass
he has created some of the best shows on tv and some of the best movies there are
i just read an article he wrote for Wired Magazine
and it was amazing, just like him
i urge you to read it here

Ron Paul talkes about Texas secession

I am not a Ron Paul fan
I think he is a smart guy and all, just not who i want leading the country
but on this instance, i happen to like what he says
take a look and see for yourself

Lego Rock Band

Lego Rock Band?
exciting, yes
on the same level as The Beatles Rock Band?
no way

Strip Search Case to Supreme Court

i'm a big fan of the Supreme Court
I started taking a Constitutional Law class in college from Dr. Rick Hardy
and i loved every minute of his class
so i took all of the other Con Law classes he offered
it was by far one of my favorite experiences during my college career
i was lucky enough to have been at Mizzou when Dr. Hardy was
He left to go teach at his Alma Mater at the same time i graduated
he truly was the greatest Professor the Mizzou Poly Sci Department ever had

He and his classes made me appreciate the Supreme Court
which is why i still follow what happens
like the newest case they will hear
a strip search case at a school in Arizona

read the story here or here

now that you have read the story i will give my ruling
we used to do this in class all the time
we were divided into groups of nine and assigned fictional cases based loosely on real cases the Supreme Court heard.
then decided how to rule in the group
I was part of the "Roberts Court"
as in Chief Justice John Roberts, newly appointed when i was in this class
i played Justice Stephen Breyer
we even had a facebook group
but i digress.

so, without further adieu....

What Corey Brown would say if he wrote the majority opinion...

Good God, are you people retarded.
this case is getting thrown out
Once you enter a school you lose all rights
if a principal or teacher is suspicious that you are dealing drugs (even if it is ibuprofen) you should be subject to search
i don't really care what the kid thinks, he's a kid. call his parents, bring them up
they can watch the search
but the kid still gets searched
end of story
case dismissed, with prejudice
court adjourned.

Apple Controls the World

Apple can now control the world
their nifty little iphone now has the capability to destroy another country and wage all out war

where can i sign up for the Apple Corps? iSoldier anyone?
All hail Steve Jobs!

read the story here and here

Original Iphone Teaser Ad

I was going through my favorite videos on youtube and came across this gem
thought i should share

Cold Play - Life in Technicolor ii

Dogwood Azelea Festival - Charleston, MO

Parade Season 2009 officially began today with the Azelea Festival in Charleston, MO

(setting up the float)

(the float next to us doesn't know correct grammar)

(Holly next to a guy on stilts)

(the John Deere Clown Brigade)

(Jesus has his own float)

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

*Exclusive* Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Footage from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Video clip from the new Transformers 2 movie
the first movie was my all time favorite
cant wait for this one to come out

my favorite screen grab from the video

Joe Allen - Epic Fail

this is Joe Allen
he ran for Congress in 2008
and lost
then he ran for School Board and Alderman in spring of 2009
and lost
see election results here

you might be wondering why i am so interested
when he ran for congress it was against my boss, Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson
i was working as Field Director on her campaign at the time
this was Election Year 2008
Mr. Allen seemed like a nice guy
just running against the wrong person

i found it to be pretty funny that he lost a congressional race and then chose to run for school board and alderman, only to lose in his home town

better luck next time


Click here for the story...

a few of my favorite things

I twitter
and a few nights ago there were some really good tweets that i favorited
these are those favorites
i wanted to post them in case something ever happened and i lost them on twitter
they still make me laugh
what a great night

  1. Patrick SpraguepatrickspragueCan I just be real with you? I am weird sleepy right now. Slrreeeeeeep
  2. Paden LeeStick944@perrysalyer I totaly have to agree with you on that. Most fun I had this week.
  3. Perry Salyerperrysalyerwow. what a night. i don't believe i've laughed that hard in a long, long time.
  4. leahreepleahreep@cjb2m5 Ahahaha, you and your hurricanes.
  5. Paden LeeStick944Retract the last tweet. It's full on drunk now.
  6. Patrick Spraguepatricksprague@cjb2m5 you should hand him to capt Phillips pirates.
  7. Corey Browncjb2m5I think a dead parrot just walked out @taylorprice 's ass. To the plank he goes. Arrrrrgh
  8. Paden LeeStick944@cjb2m5 and @patricksprague are drunkish and it's really funny.
  9. Patrick Spraguepatricksprague@cjb2m5 is Feeling like katrina is all up in his face passshhh a
  10. Corey Browncjb2m5@kbrownbear not enough
  11. Kelsey Brownkbrownbear@cjb2m5 How many hurricanes have you had?
  12. Corey Browncjb2m5@kbrownbear pick ur poison. Mine be hurricanes at the moment
  13. Kelsey Brownkbrownbear@cjb2m5 Jealous of what exactly?
  14. Corey Browncjb2m5@kbrownbear yeah yeah. Ur jealous. Suck it
  15. Kelsey Brownkbrownbear@cjb2m5 That tweet creeps me out.
  16. Corey Browncjb2m5I love social networks like twitter facebook and tasty hurricanes. Mmmmmmm. Me likey a lot
  17. Perry SalyerperrysalyerGetting ready for some jim gaffagan. #thespraguemixer
  18. Corey Browncjb2m5Hurricane Patrick has rolled into town and it is mighty delicious #thespraguemixer