American Idol

So, im not a huge fan of American Idol.

I do tend to watch it on occassion.

this is actually the second week in a row ive watched.

last week the original American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, sang her new song “my life would suck without you”

i tend to be more of a country fan, but i like the occassional good pop song

and i love this one

i really cant explain it, i just like it.

more specifically, i like whistling to it.

anyway, back to the tv show…tonight was country night

and i was a bit disappointed

it started off with a guy singing “aint going down” by garth brooks. and it was BADDDDDD!!!!!

it is my strong belief that no one on American Idol should ever sing any Garth song, its sacriligious

then along came a guy who sang “to make you feel my love” by garth

and i was impressed


Mobile blogging test

Blog Beginnings

I created this blog quite some time ago, not being totally sure what i would write about.
I'm not a great writer, not horrible, just not great.
In the ensuing months since creating the blog i struggled with what to say online, while not revealing anything potential employers might not like.
After pondering what to do with my blog i decided that i would use it as a type of journal.
Ive always wanted to keep a journal, but was just too lazy to buy a notebook and write things down.
That, plus the fact that you cant read my handwriting.
it is seriously bad.
I'm a much better typist, so i figure this will be easier.
although i am still a bit hesitant that the whole world can read what i write.

Anyway, this shall be the beginnings of my journal.

My blog post at a time